Recreational Courses & Experience Programmes

Discover Scuba Diving


The Discover Scuba Diving programme commences with a safety briefing, and explanations of the basic principles we have to consider whilst diving, this is followed by a confined water session where you will experience your first underwater breaths, some basic skills will be practiced during this pool session.


No Qualifications are required. Minimum age is 10 yrs. You need to be able to swim 200m and survival float for 10mins.

Open Water Diver


The qualification is recognised worldwide and allows you to dive with another qualified diver without instructor supervision, to a depth of 18m, and 12m for Junior Open Water Divers.  It also allows you to buy and rent diving equipment worldwide. 


The course is divided into three segments:

1.Knowledge Development-This gives you the basic principles and knowledge needed for safe and enjoyable diving. This portion of the training is comprised of self study and videos followed with a discussion of the information with an instructor, with a multiple choice exam to be completed after the theory sessions

2.Pool Dives-These are conducted in a swimming pool where you apply the information learned in the classroom and learn skills for safe diving.

3.Open Water Dives- Four open water dives are required for certification. Here you demonstrate the skills learned in the pool and apply the classroom knowledge. This is where the adventure starts!

Referral options are also available where you take the Knowledge Development and Pool Dives here, but complete your Open Water Dives on holiday at any PADI dive centre. This popular option lets you maximise your holiday time enjoying diving.

The Scuba Diver programme covers modules 1 to 3 of the programme and 2 qualifying dives

Anyone over the age of 10 years who is in reasonable health and is comfortable in the water can participate.  You should be able to swim 200 metres and float for 10 minutes.